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Published on October 01, 2008

TCMC Occupational Therapy Dept Announces New Rehabilitation Product Called Saeboflex

Tri-City strives to stay in the forefront of the rehabilitation industry in their outpatient facility. Excellent patient care and innovative products continue to be a top priority at Tri-City where the Occupational Therapy department recently launched a new rehabilitation program using a device called SaeboFlex. SaeboFlex is a custom-fitted dynamic hand orthosis designed to increase arm and hand movement following a stroke. It features a spring-loaded finger extension system so patients can achieve grasp and release with the affected hand.

Occupational Therapists Nancy Fieldman and Heidi Miller are currently utilizing the new device with excellent success rates. The device allows patients to functionally use the arm, decrease neglect, increase learned use, improve quality of life, potentially increase range of motion, strength and motor control, and decrease spasticity. Many insurances cover the majority of the cost.

Nancy Fieldman says, "SaeboFlex enables many patients to use their hand for the first time. It's a dynamic tool that has great benefits to the patient and we're pleased to offer it at our outpatient facility." For more information or to schedule an evaluation, please call Nancy Fieldman
at 760-940-7871.

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