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Grateful Patients

Dennis Hamblin / Orthopaedic Services

An avid hiker and skier, Dennis Hamblin had been dealing with lower back and groin pain since his sophomore year in high school. The pain was tolerable, though limiting, until two years ago when Dennis aggravated what he thought was a long-time groin injury while skiing. The pain intensified to the point where skiing was impossible and simple odd jobs around the house would leave his body aching. Dennis had had enough and saw a doctor who diagnosed him with femoral-acetabular impingement (FAI). Dennis was referred to Tri-City Medical Center’s Dr. Harish Hosalkar, an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in hip preservation surgeries, who was able to relieve his debilitating pain and allow him to get back to the active lifestyle he loved. 

Read Dennis’ hip preservation surgery story and find out how fast he got back onto the slopes.  Continued >>

Magie Pledger / Oncology Services

Magie Pledger is an employee of Tri-City Medical Center, who was suddenly diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 47. Through the course of treatment, her bravery and determination guided her through the toughest time of her life. Today, thanks to a routine mammogram performed at the Women’s Diagnostic Center at Tri-City Medical Center, she's a cancer survivor with so much to live for. She is a pure symbol of hope for anyone living with breast cancer today.

Hear the inspiring story 

Mike Connolly / Cardiovascular Services

Mike Connolly, age 56, rode his bicycle to work each day. Yet it was during a simple breakfast, not a strenuous bike ride, that Mike's heart suddenly stopped beating, robbing his brain of oxygen for more than 10 minutes.

Physicians and nurses at the Tri-City Heart Attack Receiving Center sprung into action with an innovative hypothermia technique used to lower Mike's body temperature and reduce swelling in his brain. Mike defied the odds by regaining consciousness and avoiding major brain damage. As he recovered, Mike looked to Tri-City's Cardiac Wellness Center to get his heart strong again. And while we can't take credit for any miracles, we're proud to have provided the leading edge care that gave Mike his best chance for one.

Amy Kintigh / Neuroscience Center

Amy Kintigh, age 41, was surprised when she suddenly lost control of the right side of her body. Even though she was doing better by the time her husband rushed home, the Temecula mom insisted on being driven to Tri-City Medical Center, where she'd given birth to her two children.

Chief of Tri-City's Department of Neuroscience Gregory Sahagian worked alongside Diagnostic Radiologist Gregory Nicpon to quickly diagnose Amy with a torn carotid artery that resulted in a transient ischemic attack, or mini stroke. After just a few days, Amy was getting back to the hard work of being a mom.


Willie Buchanon / Orthopedics

Willie Buchanon, the 1972 NFL Rookie of the Year and three-time Pro Bowl player, knows what it takes to bring opponents to their knees. But when a lifetime of athletic training began to take its toll on Willie's joints, he turned to Tri-City Medical Center to tackle the pain.

Double knee replacement isn't right for everyone. But Tri-City's comprehensive orthopedic services helped put this seasoned athlete back in commission at his old alma mater - Oceanside High School. Welcome back, Coach.

Brandee Reeves / Women's & Children's Services

Brandee Reeves thought she had three months to go until her delivery date. Her daughter, Savannah, had other ideas.

Weighing in at just 2 pounds, 4 ounces, Savannah relied on the advanced medical support of Tri-City Medical Center's neonatal intensive care unit to help her grow strong - while Brandee relied on the steadfast support of the entire Women and Children's Services family. Two and a half months later, Savannah was strong enough to go home where surprises are always welcome.

John Grundy / Cardiovascular Services

Feeling run-down after the holidays isn't all that unusual. But when John Grundy, PhD, came to Tri-City Medical Center, ER physician Frank Mannix sensed something more serious.

John had experienced heart trouble in his youth. Now, at 46, his heart was again showing signs of distress. John was sent to Tri-City's Cardiac Catheterization Lab, where Cardiologist Kenneth Carr discovered a failing mitral valve that required surgery. The caring hands of Cardiac Surgeon Ted Folkerth skillfully replaced the valve in John's heart, and a month later, John was happy to be back working on his own breakthroughs. After all, some discoveries just can't wait.

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