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When you or a loved one needs cancer care, trust Tri-City Medical Center to provide exceptional diagnosis, treatment and follow-up services. We’re accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, a nationwide network of experts who help cancer patients experience the best possible outcomes. Tri-City earned the "Outstanding Achievement Award" by the Commission on Cancer for services of quality received by cancer patients. Tri-City Medical Center is 1 of 4 hospitals in the state of California and 1 of 74 nationwide to receive this award. You benefit from skilled, compassionate physicians and advanced technology—delivered close to your home and support system.

Comprehensive Cancer Care

For oncology care in San Diego, choose Tri-City Medical Center for extensive screenings and diagnostics, such as precise imaging and lab tests. Get expert cancer treatment, including chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiation therapy, surgery and clinical trials. During and after treatment, enhance your quality of life with complementary support and wellness services, such as lymphedema care, fitness classes and support groups.

Cancers We Treat

You’ll find specialized care at Tri-City Medical Center for conditions such as:

Enjoy Team Support

Well-rounded care improves your outcome. That’s why you and your family get support at Tri-City Medical Center from a variety of health professionals, including:

  • Oncology doctor, or oncologist – Specializes in cancer treatment
  • Oncology nurses – Care for people with cancer
  • Oncology social worker – Provides counseling and assistance finding community resources
  • Chaplain – Offers guidance in religion and spirituality
  • Clinical dietitian – Advises you on eating healthfully
  • Health educator – Teaches habits that improve wellness
  • Home care coordinator – Oversees health services you receive at home
  • Palliative care nurse – Makes you more comfortable during and after treatment
  • Registered pharmacist – Helps ensure you receive the right medications and take them correctly
  • Tumor registrar – Gathers anonymous medical information that researchers and public health officials use to improve cancer care for all patients

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Find out how cancer care at Tri-City Medical Center could help save your life. Call us today at 855-222-8262.

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