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Symptom Management 

Our comprehensive cancer care includes specialized care to help manage your symptoms. Our services include:

lymphadema treatment

Lymphedema Treatment

Swelling in the arms or legs is referred to as lymphedema.

We deliver effective, specialized care for lymphadema, which can result from cancer surgery and other conditions.

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It is most commonly caused by the removal of or damage to lymph nodes as part of cancer treatment. Lymphedema can also occur after some types of orthopedic injury or surgery.

Lymphedema is not life threatening, but will get worse if left untreated. While there is no cure, it can be controlled with professional care. Our lymphedema program provides treatment in an outpatient setting.

If your doctor diagnoses lymphedema, you can request a referral to our program. We develop a plan that is specially designed to treat your unique symptoms. This customized approach is critical to help you successfully meet your goals.


Comprehensive Program Services

Goals of Lymphedema Program

  • Reduce limb swelling
  • Restore range of motion
  • Decrease tissue hardening
  • Promote healing of wounds

Under the direction of our Certified Lymphedema Therapist, your care may include the following:

  • Range of motion exercises and stretching
  • Bandaging
  • Massage
  • Compression garment
  • Patient education
  • Exercise classes
  • Support groups

Why Choose Us

Our outstanding program is overseen by Jill Gibson, a Physical Therapist and Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT). After working in physical therapy for 10 years, Jill chose to further her education.

She received specialized training at the Norton School for Lymphatic Therapy.  Subsequently, Jill obtained certification through the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA).

Breast Health Nurse Navigator

  • A diagnosis of breast cancer is frightening. Our Breast Health Nurse Navigator is here to help you find your way through.

Susan Stalter, RN, BSN, OCN
Tri-City Medical Center
Women's Diagnostic Center


What is a Breast Health Nurse Navigator?

She is able to help with the barriers in accessing breast health services and breast cancer care:

  • Helps you "navigate" through the healthcare system
  • Explains what to expect at each step of treatment
  • Provides support to you before, during and after treatment
  • Assesses your needs and helps with referrals
  • Coordinates scheduling of appointments and treatments
  • Provides education, resources and the latest information on breast cancer
  • Assists you and your loved ones with emotional needs that accompany breast cancer

About Susan

Susan Stalter, RN, BSN, OCN

Breast Health Nurse Navigator

  • Knows the North San Diego County healthcare community resources
  • Oncology certification (ONS) since 1991
  • Case Management accredited (ACM) since 2009

Susan says, "I'm honored to be of service to women who are facing a life-changing diagnosis. My goal is to ease their fears and smooth the road through treatment."

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Palliative Care

Your quality of life can be greatly impacted by cancer. Palliative care can help with the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial effects of cancer on you and your loved ones.

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care is a subspecialty of medicine that uses a holistic approach to life-threatening illness. Our especially trained staff can help:
  • Manage symptoms
  • Discuss goals of care - we can help you and your family gain a clear understanding of what treatments are possible and their anticipated benefits and burdens
  • Provide supportive expressive counseling

Caring for Mind, Body and Spirit

Palliative care can prevent and relieve suffering. Early identification and assessment of symptoms can help you and your family in many ways:

  • Pain relief
  • Integrate the psychological and spiritual aspect of your care
  • Enhance quality of life and may also positively influence the course of illness
  • Affirm life and regard dying as a normal process
  • Neither hasten or postpone death
  • Offer a support system to help patients live as actively as possible until death
  • Offer a support system to help the family cope during the illness and with their own grief
  • Use a team approach to help with you and your family's needs, including bereavement counselling when appropriate

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