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Lactation and Breastfeeding Support

A Great Start

Providing breastmilk for your infant is the best beginning for your baby’s good health. Throughout the centuries, women have breastfed their infants. This natural process is not only nutritionally sound, but also a beautiful way of getting to know your newborn.

Our nurses are trained to assist the mother with getting breastfeeding started. One of our Certified Lactation Consultants is on the floor 7 days a week to offer further education and hands-on assistance. When you go home you will still have access to our breastfeeding resources by coming to the Breastfeeding Support Group every Wednesday from 9:15-11:00am.

We also have a 1:1 Lactation Support Program. Here you will see a Lactation Consultant to assess and assist with whatever the breastfeeding concern you and your baby are having. Both of these outpatient services are at no cost to our clients. We look forward to having and serving you. 

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