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Physician Lecture – Senior Medical Assessment

Physician Lecture – Senior Medical Assessment

Tri-City Medical Center is proud to present this free physician lecture for the community with Q&A from primary care specialist Wilson Liu, M.D.

Call 855.222.8262 to RSVP – walk-ins are still welcome to join the event.

Lecture Description

The goal of a senior or geriatric medical assessment by a physician is to preserve function and to maximize well-being and quality of life. Dr. Liu will discuss the following topics so that seniors can be more informed on what to look for in their own health, daily function and safety, which they can further discuss with their individual health care provider.

  1. Management of existing medical conditions, including addressing polypharmacy (multiple medications)
  2. Preventive care such as immunizations and cancer screening, if indicated
  3. Assessment of psychological issues such as depression and isolation
  4. Geriatric-specific conditions such as dementia, falls, incontinence, sleep disorders
  5. Functional disabilities (such as hearing loss, vision loss, arthritis)

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