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2015 – 2016 Lucky 13

Carlsbad Marathon & Half Marathon

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Follow along with the Lucky 13!

Meet the Lucky 13, a group of thirteen individuals from throughout San Diego’s North County who were selected to participate in the Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Half Marathon on January 17, 2016.

This special group, all of whom have or are currently overcoming health challenges, are training with fitness experts at the Tri-City Wellness Center in Carlsbad to prepare for the 13.1-mile race.

Get to know our amazing Lucky 13 and follow their journey to yet another finish line.

The Coaches

  • Paul Carey
  • Melanee Thys
  • Cody Workman

Lucky 13 Blog

Stay tuned for blog posts during our training for the 2016 Carlsbad Marathon and beyond!

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Dee Forsberg, 51, Carlsbad

dee-forsberg---lucky-13-2015In late 2014, Dee had open heart surgery to repair what was originally thought to only be a blockage. After experiencing this health scare, Dee realized it was time to live a healthy life. And while not even a year after her major surgery, she feels much better and is ready to tackle her “bucket list” which includes a marathon. When asked why she wants to join, Dee says, “I think this is a perfect time in my life to live!”

Shauna Sadowski, 57, Oceanside

shauna-sadowski---lucky-13-2015In April 2011, Shauna realized it was time to lose weight after seeing a picture of herself. Through the help of her doctor and a healthy lifestyle, Shauna was able to lose 75 pounds and get off her medications, all without surgery. A little more than a year later, on July 18, 2012, Shauna was in a motorcycle accident. She was airlifted to the local hospital and was in an induced coma for 8 days. Her injuries were substantial, to say the least, and after two weeks in ICU, Shauna was transferred to Tri-City Medical Center for therapy. Now, a few years later, Shauna is looking to get back in shape and lose the weight she has gained since her accident.

Lui Sadowski, Jr., 70, Oceanside

luis-sadowski---lucky-13-2015In 2000, while training for a 50-mile bicycle ride, Lui noticed he wasn’t feeling his usual self. One day after training, Lui decided to take himself to the Tri-City Medical Center emergency department where doctors found Lui on the cusp of a heart attack with four arteries blocked. Shortly thereafter, at the age of 55, Lui underwent quadruple heart bypass. The surgery was a success and Lui has worked to keep his body and heart healthy ever since.

Kathy Hirsch, 61, San Marcos

kathy-hirsch---lucky-13-2015Kathy has overcome a lifetime of health issues including migraines and a herniated disc. She joined the Tri-City Wellness Center a few years back and has lost 40 pounds. Kathy says she enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and is looking forward to the challenge of being one of the Lucky 13 team members.

Lina Shields, 44, Vista

lina-shields---lucky-13-2015Lina suffered from a heart condition for over 20 years stemming from being born with cancer. At 25, she was diagnosed with cardio myopathy which then progressed into congestive heart failure. Nothing worked, and in February 2014, Lina was placed on the heart transplant list. A few months later, Lina received a new heart! Unfortunately, her body soon rejected the heart and she was left in an induced coma for three weeks due to complications. In August 2014, after five months of hospitalization, she was released to recover at home. She’s most looking forward to seeing how far she can soar during the training!

Barbara Harvey, 61, Oceanside

barbara-harvey---lucky-13-2015In 2013, Barbara was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. Shortly after undergoing a mastectomy, Barbara underwent six months of chemotherapy followed by eight weeks of radiation. Since then, she has worked to lead a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating and regular exercise. She’s interested in getting back into running and improving her overall health through exercise and diet. She is looking forward to this challenge and knows she will succeed.

George Corbett, 73, Oceanside

george-corbett---lucky-13-2015After his stroke, George made it his mission to tackle all and any physical activity training he could get his hands on. Since then, George has looked to hiking to help his endurance and speed and other healthy exercise programs such as Pilates. He is a regular at the gym but knows with proper guidance, he can achieve a new level and conquer the Carlsbad Marathon.

Laura Segall, 57, Carlsbad

laura-segall---lucky-13-2015Laura is ready to take back her health – as a full-time working mom, she is well aware of limited time she has to exercise and feels it is time to change that around. She has met previous Lucky 13 members and was motivated to push herself to achieve her best. And now, by joining Lucky 13, Laura wants to be the one who motivates others and help them achieve their personal best.

Alycia Randol, 42, Encinitas

alycia-randol---lucky-13-2015Battling depression and anxiety in the past, Alycia turned to medication and counseling for help. In time, she began exercising which dramatically helped her and allowed her to stop using medications. She now knows it is time to step up her game, as she says, and push herself to sweat more and achieve a new goal. Her husband was a previous member of the Lucky 13 team, so Alycia has witnessed first-hand the impact and life-changing effects the program has on someone. She’s looking forward to taking the first step in making a lifetime of health choices.

Kelsey Lasch, 22, Encinitas

kelsey-lasch---lucky-13-2015Kelsey was diagnosed with anorexia at age 16 – while having recovered physically, she says the mental battle still affects her to this day. Shortly after joining the Tri-City Wellness Center, Kelsey learned about the Lucky 13 and knew this was a way to change her life. She is looking forward to working with the training staff and seeing how far she can go.

Angelique Green, 29, Vista

angelique-green---lucky-13-2015After looking over her wedding photos in 2006, Angelique realized how her weight had ballooned to 238 pounds. It was then she decided to dedicate herself to exercising and eating right. Over the next two and a half years, she managed to drop 90 pounds. After giving birth to her son in December 2010, Angelique noticed her weight creeping up again to 181 pounds. Her motivation for joining the Lucky 13 Team and tackling the Carlsbad Marathon is to challenge herself to become the greatest she can be!

Kathy Bachiero, 49, Carlsbad

kathy-bachiero---lucky-13-2015Over the past 7 years, Kathy has battled high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In order to combat these health issues and turn back the clock of her upcoming 50th birthday, Kathy decided to join the Lucky 13 Team. Another motivating factor for joining is she knows a former Lucky 13 member, Tina Knight, and states that watching Tina’s transformation has been inspirational. Kathy is looking forward to reversing her health issues and getting in the best shape of her life.

Sarah Jayyousi, 46, Carlsbad

sarah-jayyousi---lucky-13-2015Ten years ago, Sarah was diagnosed with stage III cancer. She is now in remission and working to continue a healthy lifestyle. While a member of the Tri-City Wellness Center for the past few years, Sarah wants to challenge herself and try something new – running a half-marathon. She is looking forward to achieving her personal fitness goals, this upcoming year and beyond.