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Paul Carey – From Trainee to Trainer

Lucky-13-2014-15In early 2010, running a half marathon seemed like the logical next step in a quest Paul Carey had begun on his 31st birthday. That day, he left a psychiatric hospital where he was being treated for the bipolar disorder that has been his challenge since age 12. And that day, he was confident in his decision to seek health in a holistic way.

The Lucky 13 training was a perfect fit. “The Wellness Center was attractive because it was natural and it covered everything,” Carey said. “That was important to me.” Still, Carey never imagined the life changes ahead. His training carried him not just through the half marathon, but also into a new future. Inspired by his Wellness Center trainers, he’s now earning a bachelor of science degree and training the Lucky 13, moving ever closer to his goal of being a personal trainer.

But his wasn’t the only life that changed. Carey’s father, inspired by his son, committed to an exercise and diet program that may well have altered the course of his stage IV prostate cancer. One year after surgery and radiation therapy, doctors saw no traces of cancer.

“So, maybe the Lucky 13 wasn’t for me,” Carey said.

“Maybe it was for my father.”