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Neurological Specialists at Tri-City Medical Center

When you deal with a neurological condition, you want to work with the best medical professionals—and that’s just what you’ll find at Tri-City Medical Center’s Neuroscience Institute.

Get the Care You Need

Choose our neurology physicians and surgeons for expert care. While drawing on individual talents, we work as a team to ensure you receive the best treatment plan and care for your specific situation. At the Neuroscience Institute, your care is in the experienced, compassionate hands of our board-certified team that’s made up of leaders in many specialties. You benefit from their combined expertise and the full range of services, technology and support that delivers outstanding neurology care close to home.

Benjamin Frishberg, M.D.

Jack Schim, M.D.

kevin-yooKevin Yoo, M.D.
Neurological Surgery

PonecDonald Ponec, M.D.
Interventional Radiology

Lokesh Tantuwaya, M.D.
Neurological Surgery

Mark Sadoff, M.D.

Gregory Sahagian, M.D.

Tyrone Hardy, M.D.
Neurological Surgery

Mark Stern, M.D.
Neurological Surgery

Michael Zupancic, M.D.