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New Test Ticket

New Test Ticket

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Bringing your baby home for the first time is such a special occasion. We want to help keep the time you will spend caring for your baby at home enjoyable and simple by offering this instructional class to parents and grandparents. Many important baby care topics will be covered, including:

  • newborn bathing
  • cord care
  • diapering
  • sleeping & eating patterns
  • when to call the pediatrician
  • taking baby out

We encourage you to also register for the Baby Safe class if you are taking this class.

*NOTE: There is a processing fee of $15 for all class refunds.


Childbirth Services at 760-940-5784

Additional information

Class Date

April-08-2021-09:00 –11:30, April-08-2021-12:00 –14:30, August-12-2021-09:00 –11:30, August-12-2021-12:00 –14:30, December-09-2021-09:00 –11:30, December-09-2021-12:00 –14:30, December-10-2020-09:00 –11:00, December-10-2020-12:00 –14:00, February-11-2021-09:00 –11:30, February-11-2021-12:00 –14:30, January-14-2021-09:00 –11:30, January-14-2021-12:00 –14:30, July-08-2021-09:00 –11:30, July-08-2021-12:00 –14:30, June-10-2021-09:00 –11:30, June-10-2021-12:00 –14:30, March-11-2021-09:00 –11:30, March-11-2021-12:00 –14:30, May-13-2021-09:00 –11:30, May-13-2021-12:00 – 14:30, November-11-2021-09:00 –11:30, November-11-2021-12:00 –14:30, November-12-2020-09:00 –11:00, November-12-2020-12:00 –14:00, October-14-2021-09:00 –11:30, October-14-2021-12:00 –14:30, September-09-2021-09:00 –11:30, September-09-2021-12:00 –14:30

Employees Type

Employees, Non-employees, Non-TCMC Staff (other Providers such as Midwives, Pediatricians, Clinic Staff or other hospital employees not required to have NRP in their job description), Students, TCMC STAFF (RN from NICU, Mother Baby and also L&D hospital employee)