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Your Hospital Stay

Tri-City Patients Guide

Your Hospital Stay2024-03-27T21:35:04-07:00

Arriving at Tri-City Medical Center

Our admitting department works tirelessly to ensure our patients are greeted and taken care of before surgery. By providing a private setting where patients and hospital representatives can meet is vital when discussing insurance information and expectations during the stay. In addition, patients will review all medical consent forms as well as regulatory information – during this time, an admitting representative walks patients through the process. If you have any questions about being admitted to Tri-City Medical Center, please call our main hospital line at 760.724.8411.

For both our records and patient safety, we require patients to complete and sign several forms. If a patient is unable to complete the forms, a designated family member or legal guardian is required to complete all requested information.

Patients receive and are required to wear an identification bracelet around the wrist at all times. This allows for quick reference and includes name, date of birth, medical record number and other identifying information we use within the hospital. Hospital staff also uses a patients’ identification bracelet before administrating any medications or treatments.

Members from our medical team will meet with patients and go over medical information as well as answer any questions a patient may have. All staff members are required to display a name badge with their picture and job title for security purposes – if someone does not produce a name badge, patients are asked to find a staff member with a badge for their own safety. Our highly-trained staff is here to help our patients get better; our patients are encouraged to reach out to them whenever they are in need.

Staying at Tri-City Medical Center

Patients are assigned a room staffed by our experienced nurses and highly-trained health care team. Rooms are installed with state-of-the-art beds and a nurse call bell system to provide for comfort and easy communication. While we try our best to ensure the comfort and privacy of our patients, some rooms do have multiple beds to accommodate our many patients. Our patients are assigned rooms depending on their need of care and recommendations from physicians.

During admitting, a patient’s medication and medical history will be addressed. During a patient’s stay at Tri-City Medical Center, medication will be administered at appropriate times by our nursing staff on behalf of the doctor’s recommendation.

Our professional health care team will work with our patients to explain and discuss a treatment plan. This is the best time for patients to ask questions about the care they will receive and what to expect during their stay at Tri-City Medical Center.

Some questions to ask should include:

  1. What is my main health problem?
  2. What will I need to do to get better?
  3. Why is this important for me to go through?

All patients will be required to give consent for any medical procedure or surgery performed at Tri-City Medical Center.

If a patient is unable to make decisions for him or herself, a designated representative will be required to make decisions on their behalf. These decisions will impact the health care treatment of the patient.

Our Case Management department will be assigned to patients during their hospital stay and will facilitate the hospital discharge process. The department consists of social workers and nurse case managers who monitor a patient’s hospital stay from the time they are admitted until they are discharged. They work with physicians and the care team to ensure proper care and treatment are taken on behalf of the patient and to prevent unnecessary or prolonged hospitalization.

We ask patients to continually update their nurses and other health care staff on their feelings, and if their condition betters or worsens. If at any time a patient is in need, our staff will quickly assist to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Leaving Tri-City Medical Center

The doctor responsible for a patient’s care during their hospital stay will coordinate and approve a discharge from Tri-City Medical Center. Patients will also receive final instructions and a discharge packet that includes a treatment plan and medication schedule from the medical team. At the time of discharge, patients will be transported via wheelchair to the main entrance where family members can pick up the patient.

Patients needing special arrangements can speak with a case manager or social worker. In some situations, our case managers can work with a patient’s doctor and insurance to arrange for home care to allow for specialized care. Our case managers or social workers can also assist patients with placement in rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, or counseling services.

Patients will receive a bill, or multiple bills, after receiving and leaving Tri-City Medical Center. Costs are divided into separate groups – professional and technical.

  • Professional costs – this group includes the cost of doctors who cared for the patient.
  • Technical costs – this group includes the cost of equipment and other professional support staff such as nurses or technicians.

Patients who have questions about their hospital bill may call 760.940.7329.