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Tri-City Medical Center Is Committed to North County

In the 1950s, North County was a rural area lacking advanced healthcare services. Visionary community and business leaders from Carlsbad, Oceanside and Vista formed Tri-City Healthcare District with the goal of improving healthcare access. Tri-City Medical Center opened its doors in 1961 and has been faithfully providing quality and patient-focused healthcare services to the coastal North County region ever since. Our mission is to advance the health and wellness of the community we serve.

As part of this mission, Tri-City Medical Center is actively engaged in our community through outreach initiatives and provides financial and in-kind support for those organizations that are best positioned to “move the needle” on community health issues and address social determinants of health.

Tri-City’s COASTAL Commitment—a wide-ranging outreach initiative with more than 80 partner organizations—is an opportunity for the medical center and its staff to actively support and lead community improvement programs. Priorities for the COASTAL Commitment are data driven and align with the findings of the Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties (HASDIC) Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).

CBAD Business of the Year Award Winner

Below you can learn more about the COASTAL Commitment and some of the ways Tri-City Medical Center invests in our North County community.

COASTAL Commitment

Community Outreach And Support Through Active Leadership

BP Checks


High blood pressure can lead to higher risk of health problems in the future. Tri-City is helping our community know their numbers by making blood pressure screening more available in the region, with increased focus on members of at-risk and historically under-served communities. Through our partnerships, we offer blood pressure checks to the community at no cost.

If you’d like to offer blood pressure checks at your organization or event please contact

Hearing Checks


Chronic noise and aging are some factors that lead to hearing loss. Getting your hearing checked at all stages of life is important. We are helping our community by conducting screenings for hearing loss at senior centers, health fairs and community events.

If you’d like to offer hearing checks at your organization or event please contact

Flu Shots

Flu vaccination can reduce the risk of flu-associated hospitalization for children, working age adults, and older adults. The flu vaccine prevents tens of thousands of hospitalizations each year, which is why we offer them complimentary to our local community with flu shot clinics during October and November at our hospital.

If you’d like to learn more about the Flu Shot events please contact

Health Fairs


Senior Living Communities

Health fairs give us the opportunity to offer services, educate and connect with our local community.

Health fairs can cater to elementary students, families, senior citizens and even corporate employees.

Community members who may not have easy access to healthcare can take advantage of educational resources and basic preventive medicine. We strive to advance the health and wellness of the community, and health fairs are a great place to start.

If you’d like host a health fair with Tri-City please contact

Transportation Vouchers


Tri-City partners with these organizations to offer free rides for community members that don’t have access to transportation. We also partner with FACT (Facilitating Access to Coordinated Transportation), an agency that helps thousands of mobility-challenged San Diego County residents each year. The goal of the “Rides to Wellness program” is to make it easier for our patients to get to and from the hospital. Tri-City Medical Center was proud to receive the FACT’s “Norine Sigafoose Partner of the Year Award” in 2017 for our efforts to provide access to healthcare to our community.

If you’d like more information on our transportation vouchers please contact



Telemedicine is the distribution of health-related services such as examinations or appointments through telecommunication technologies instead of in-person. These appointments utilize video on secure platforms. To partake in a Telemedicine appointment, you will need access to a laptop, desktop computer, smartphone or tablet with a camera, and microphone connected to the internet.

Behavioral Health Programs


According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are highly treatable, yet only 36.9% of those suffering receive treatment. Tri-City partners with organizations to help close that gap within our community. Through our partnerships we are able to offer these resources to those who might not have access to care.

If you’d like more information and resources on our behavioral health programs please contact 760.940.5051

Event Sponsorships


Tri-City sponsors select local events that help move the needle on the community’s health needs.

Event sponsorships help Tri-City create strong partnerships allowing our community to thrive. We are committed to collaborating with local partners in order to advance the health and wellness of North County.

If you are interested in volunteering at Tri-City sponsored events please contact

CPR Training


In collaboration with the American Heart Association, Tri-City has trained over 1,000 community members in Hands-Only CPR. CPR saves lives and helps the community as a whole.

If you’d like to offer CPR training at your organization or event please contact

Physical Activity


Staying active is the first line of prevention to keeping the members of our community healthy. Tri-City Medical Center supports the community through various programs. We are committed to improving the health of the community through innovative programming and continuous support and education. Our collaboration with the YMCA targets children directly impacted by Diabetes with a week-long camp to focus on their specific health and wellness needs.

If you’d like to offer CPR training at your organization or event please contact

Community Fairs


Community fairs allow Tri-City to provide educational resources, information and free screenings to our local community members in a fun and interactive way!

If you are interested in volunteering with Tri-City at a community fair please contact

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention (ATOD)


Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs negatively impact the health of the community and lead to a higher risk of health problems.

Tri-City supports the various ATOD initiatives of the North Coastal Prevention Coalition (NCPC), a nationally renowned leader in prevention programming, policies and practices, and collaborates with local law enforcement agencies, serving as a drop-off site for national take back days to help protect our community by disposing of expired and unused prescriptions.

If you’d like more information on these programs please contact

Career Technical Education


Building an educated and skilled community leads to a healthier community with increased economic security via job training. Tri-City partners with local colleges and training centers to provide opportunities for skilled vocational and educational programs in areas like nursing, paramedic/EMT, lab/pathology and many more.

To learn more about this opportunity, please contact

Shadowing Experience


Get insights into the job before you choose a career by participating in Tri-City’s job shadowing program. Spend a day in the shoes of a nurse, administrator or one of the abundance of clinical and administrative positions.

To learn more about this opportunity, please contact



Explore your career path in health care with a medical professional by learning imperative information about the position, receiving guidance from a seasoned professional and setting goals for your professional advancement all while developing invaluable relationships.

To learn more about this opportunity, please contact

College Internships


The Tri-City college internship program allows you to earn college credit and gain job experience.

Internships offer college students an excellent way to gain job experience and jump start their careers. For early career professionals, an internship can play a significant role in landing that first job out of college.

To learn more about this opportunity, please contact

Health Lectures


Invest in your health by attending a Tri-City health lecture and hear an array of topics lead by top healthcare providers. Learn about your treatment options, services offered and get your questions answered during our Q&A portion of the lecture.

Our health lectures are held at various locations in Carlsbad, Oceanside and Vista as well as surrounding areas.

If you’re interested in attending a lecture or would like to schedule Tri-City to provide a lecture at no cost, please contact

Food Access & Healthy Eating


Approximately 450,000 people in the San Diego region face food insecurity every single day. Tri-City is actively working with community partners to reduce the barriers to healthy food for our community members through food drives and by sponsoring community programs that serve those in need of fresh and healthy food

If you’re interested in attending a lecture or would like to schedule Tri-City to provide a lecture at no cost, please contact

Direct Housing Support


Tri-City aims to prepare and educate our community to avoid homeless and housing instability. Through these programs, our resources are directly funding homelessness and housing instability but our main goal is to educate and prepare at-risk communities. In addition, Tri-City contributes in-kind donations such as teaching career exploration and resume writing courses to help prevent secondary occurrences. These courses are provided to residents by our very own Tri-City employees.

If you’re interested in learning more about these programs, please contact

Recuperative Care Beds


Tri-City partners with Interfaith Community Services to offer a safe place for our homeless patients when they are discharged, but still need help during the recovery process. Through this partnership, it allows the homeless in our community an opportunity to stabilize, heal and offers support services in hopes of empowering them to achieve independent and thriving lives.

To learn more about this partnership, please contact

Career and Life Planning


Through our partnership with Operation HOPE — North County, Tri-City offers Strategic Career Planning Sessions and resume workshops to residents from our very own Tri-City employees. We work with residents to help them explore their next options and give them the tools to succeed.

To learn more about this partnership, please contact