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Report on Breast Cancer Early Diagnosis

The following chart shows off the results we are proud to report. In 2009 and 2010 we averaged 70% early diagnosis, compared to 60% nationwide.

Breast Cancer Data 2012


Breast Cancer Fact Sheet

  • About 1 in 8 U.S. women (just under 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.
  • Besides skin cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women. Just under 30% of cancers in women are breast cancers.
  • In 2011, an estimated 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer were expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S., along with 57,650 new cases of non-invasive (in situ) breast cancer. That adds up to 288,130 cases in one year.
  • For women in the U.S., breast cancer death rates are higher than those for any other cancer except lung cancer.
  • About 39,520 women in the U.S. were expected to die in 2011 from breast cancer, though death rates have been decreasing since 1990 — especially in women under 50.
  • Experts attribute the improvement in survival rates to better treatment and to earlier diagnosis.
  • In 2011, there were more than 2.6 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S.
  • A woman's chance of surviving breast cancer is dramatically better if the cancer is diagnosed early (Stage 0 or Stage 1).

The chance of 5-year survival for a woman diagnosed with breast cancer Stage 0 or Stage 1 is greater than 90%. By comparison, Stage 4 patients have only a 15% chance of surviving five years.

To monitor the quality of our breast cancer program we keep a close eye on the stage at time of diagnosis. If our medical team and our community are working together, more women will get mammogram screenings, more cases will be diagnosed at an early stage, and more patients will be survivors.

Source: Data and narrative provided by Warren Paroly, MD. Dr. Paroly is affiliated with Tri-City Medical Center. He serves as the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer's Physician Liaison to the hospital's Cancer Committee. He is also the co-chair (along with Dr. Eva Lean) of Tri-City's Breast Program Leadership.

Dr. Paroly is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology.He is a founding partner of North County Oncology.

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