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COASTAL Partnership: NAACP Youth Leadership Council

COASTAL Partnership: NAACP Youth Leadership Council

Dr. MLK Jr. Community Prayer Breakfast, January 2020


Tri-City Medical Center is proud to highlight our partnership with the North San Diego County NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) Youth and College Division North San Diego County Unit 1813 as part of our COASTAL (Community Outreach and Support Through Active Leadership) Commitment initiative.

Through our COASTAL Commitment, Tri-City Medical Center is actively engaged in our community through outreach initiatives and provides financial and in-kind support for those organizations that are best positioned to “move the needle” on community health issues and address social determinants of health.


The NAACP was founded in 1909 and is the largest organization in the United States for civil rights activism. They focus on fighting for equal opportunity for African Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities.

The NAACP’s Youth & College Division started in 1936 and now has over 25,000 members under the age of 25. The NAACP believes in the importance of creating future leaders. This has led to 550 chapters including Junior Youth Councils, Youth Councils, High School Chapters and College Chapters which are all actively involved in the fight for civil rights.

Partnership Overview

Tri-City Medical Center has dedicated support to youth of color in North County and the NAACP’s mission to advance the economic, educational, social and political status of African Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities. As a long-standing partner of the NAACP, we continue to assist in the development of their Youth Leadership Council.

The North San Diego County NAACP Unit 1813 Youth Leadership Council has students ages 12 to 19 who are striving to become leaders in activism and education in their communities. Through our COASTAL Commitment partnership, we aim to support youth of color in our community through education and mentorship.

Tri-City Medical Center’s direct involvement includes virtual Strategic Career Planning for the Youth Leadership Council presented by our Chief External Affairs Officer, Aaron Byzak. This career exploration workshop, titled Strategic Career Planning: A 10-Step Guide to Realizing Your Potential, is designed to assist participants with developing vision, mission and value statements, professional, educational and personal goals, as well as a mentoring plan for personal and professional development.

Tri-City also provides financial support for the Youth Council’s operations and donated custom-made shirts and jackets for Unit 1813.

“Tri-City Medical Center’s support has helped our youth leadership council members create a vision and plan for achieving their goals and positively impacting their community,” said Debbie Matthews, Youth Council Advisor and member of the Executive Board of the North San Diego County NAACP. “We are so appreciative of their partnership.

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To learn more about the North San Diego County NAACP, their Youth & College Division and the North San Diego County Unit 1813, please visit


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