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COASTAL Partnership: Casa De Amparo

COASTAL Partnership: Casa De Amparo

Tri-City Medical Center is a proud partner of Casa de Amparo through our COASTAL (Community Outreach And Support Through Active Leadership) Commitment. Casa de Amparo supports children affected or in danger of child abuse and neglect. Their programs and services promote healing, growth and healthy relationships.

About Casa de Amparo

Casa de Amparo was founded in 1978 by a small group of local women concerned about domestic violence and the welfare of children. With the help of local police and the Women’s Resource Center, Casa De Amparo opened its doors.

Casa de Amparo provides residential services to kids who have been traumatized by severe child abuse or neglect. The residential campus, called “Casa Kids Campus,” is a safe and nurturing environment on 11.4 acres of land in San Marcos, California. Casa Kids Campus can hold up to 50 children, including 12 infants.

Each resident receives comprehensive trauma-informed care tailored to their physical, social, emotional, developmental and educational needs. The campus also cultivates a safe space to create fond childhood memories. They are the only licensed residential treatment center in San Diego County serving pregnant and parenting youth in foster care. In addition to whole-person care at their residential facilities, they also provide a family visitation program to host supervised visits working on family unification when possible.

Casa de Amparo also provides transitional homes for young adults aged 18-25. The program is called New Directions. This program provides participants with the skills to transition from foster care into independent living. Participants receive ongoing therapy and mental health support, education and life skills, job opportunities, transportation, optional matched money-saving program and many more services.

“They (Casa) are our support system. When you are lost, they help you find your way.”, said Kelsey Estes, a New Directions Participant. “If I didn’t have Casa, I don’t know where I would be,” said Jacob Dalton, another New Directions participant.

“Our goal is always to be a home for children. To be a place where kids can come and feel safe,” says Tamara Fleck-Myers, Casa de Amparo’s Executive Director.

Casa de Amparo continues to expand and serve the needs of individuals from youth to adulthood. Their work transforms the lives of youth in the San Diego region.

COASTAL Partnership

Tri-City Medical Center provides financial assistance and career preparedness workshops to their New Directions participants. Our Human Resources team meets with New Directions participants and walks them through steps to building a winning resume and tips for interview etiquette.

Our staff recently gathered to wrap presents and sort gifts as part of Casa de Amparo’s Holiday Donation Center. Their Holiday Donation Center happens the third week of December. The community is encouraged to volunteer each year as a way to bring Christmas cheer to so many children who may have never had a Christmas celebration.

Get Involved 

Check out their website to see how you can get involved with their volunteer and giving opportunities at

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