Tri-City Benefit Program
Your hospital, your benefits

Providing a variety of special benefits, from discounted fees to free valet parking.

In order to advance the health and wellness of those we serve, Tri-City Medical Center offers a variety of benefits through the Tri-City Benefit Program.

What are your benefits?

Cafeteria Discount

Program members receive the employee discounted rate on select items purchased in the hospital cafeteria.

Complimentary Annual Flu Shot

Flu shots will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis to everyone 18 years old and over. Learn more about the Flu Shot Clinic.

Valet Parking

Valet parking at Tri-City Medical Center is available at no cost to patients, 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. Please show the valet attendant the benefit card when picking up the vehicle.

Program Eligibility

The Tri-City Benefit Program is open to all patients! Patients will receive a card at registration which will be valid during their stay at Tri-City Medical Center.

Legal Disclaimer

Tri-City Healthcare District reserves the right to modify the program at any time.