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healthy 2018

The new year brings with it new resolutions including those to improve our health and lifestyle. Tri-City Medical Center is your medical resource close to home and we’re here to help you achieve your healthiest year yet!

We’ve compiled ways to help you make 2018 your healthiest year yet:


Get an annual checkup with your new primary care doctor

Schedule your annual checkup with a Tri-City affiliated primary care physician in your area. Physicians which are currently open to accepting new patients can be found online in our physician search directory. Read through physician bios & watch physician introduction videos on our website OR call our 24-hour physician hotline at 855.222.8262 to match you with a physician based on your location or preferences.


Get screened for potential health issues

Get screened for potential health issues including cardiovascular abnormalities, breast cancer, & lung cancer. Our Cardiovascular Health Institute offers an array of heart screenings under $100, including a comprehensive heart risk assessment with a private 45 minute consultation to review your risk profile and EKG. Sign up for a screening today for a healthier tomorrow!


Start an exercise/nutrition counseling program

Start an exercise routine at the Tri-City Wellness Center in Carlsbad where you’ll be paired with a Health Creation Trainer who will help you set a series of simple progressive goals for your health and wellness.


Get involved in community health & education classes

Classes are available each month and include CPR courses; Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Exercise, & Stroke Exercise; Cancer Support Groups & Programming; Diabetes & Meal Planning Classes, and a FREE Fall Prevention Course for the elderly.


Are you having a baby or planning to get pregnant?

If you’re having a naby in 2018, search for a great Obstetrician for your delivery, attend our maternity orientation, or take our Childbirth Preparation course.

We truly hope your 2018 is your best year yet – and Tri-City Medical Center will be with you every step of the way!