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Shoulder Replacement Implant Design

Shoulder Replacement Implant Design2020-03-10T23:02:05-07:00
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Implant Design: Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder replacement surgery replaces damaged joints with artificial joint parts (prostheses). When only a portion of the joint is damaged, a surgeon may be able to repair or replace just the damaged parts. Depending on the damage to your shoulder, your surgeon may replace just the humeral head (a hemiarthroplasty) or both the humeral head and the glenoid (total shoulder replacement).

The shoulder replacement components come in various sizes and shapes to fit the patient. They are held in place with either bone cement (cemented) or bone ingrowth (cementless). The surrounding muscles and tendons hold the prosthetic parts in place, same as the original shoulder. Each case is individual and your surgeon will study your situation carefully before making any decisions. Ask what type of implant will be used and why that choice is appropriate for you.