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COASTAL Partnership: The North County LGBTQ Resource Center

COASTAL Partnership: The North County LGBTQ Resource Center

Tri-City Medical Center’s COASTAL Commitment is a community outreach initiative focused on addressing the unmet health needs here in North County. This month, we are proud to highlight our COASTAL Commitment partners, the North County LGBTQ Resource Center (The Center).

About North County LGBTQ Resource Center (The Center).

The North County LGBTQ+ Resource Center is a non-profit organization founded in the summer of 2011. Its existence is the product of years of work within the North County San Diego region. Since the early months of 2007, Max Disposti, founder and Executive Director, began efforts to bring together a group of LGBTQ individuals to serve as a visible presence for the LGBTQ families living in North County. Thanks to many volunteers and the growing support of our North County communities, the North County LGBTQ Resource Center was created in August 2011 and opened its doors for the first time on December 4th, 2011.

Their mission is to serve, empower and advocate for the North County LGBTQ community. The Center serves people from all age groups ranging from children and youth ages 8 to 24 to senior citizens. In 2020, The Center served 67% of the BIPOC community among LGBTQ families and individuals. LGBTQ community members are a marginalized group socially, educationally and economically. The Center is a vital piece to bridge gaps in inequality. The Center aims to aid the negative impacts of disparities among this community, specifically related to adolescents and older adults. For many LGBTQ youth and older adults, mental health hinges on supportive relationships with friends, teachers, The Center and others outside their families.

COASTAL Partnership

Through our COASTAL Commitment, Tri-City Medical Center has supported the North County LGBTQ+ Resource Center’s Unicorn Homes and Behavioral Health programs. Their Unicorn Home Program is a wrap-around service for homeless youth ages 14-24. When admitted into Unicorn Homes, they place the youth in a temporary home with one of their networked families or individuals. The end goal is to reunite the child with their family or find a permanent home in cases where the family cannot support the youth. In addition to housing and reunification, Unicorn Homes ensures access to mental health resources, job readiness, life coaching and independent living skills. Their commitment to providing mental health resulted in 2,000 hours of clinical care in 2020, with over 150 people served — a program that is financially supported by Tri-City Medical Center.

Get Involved 

Tri-City Medical Center is a proud partner of North County LGBTQ Center and is dedicated to the mission and success of its organization. To learn more about North County LGBTQ Center, how you can get involved and to hear about their upcoming Gala, visit their website at

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