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6 Ways to Work Towards Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, affects up to 85 million Americans, of whom 20% are completely unaware. [...]

How Stress Impacts Your Heart

When we talk about the pain and stress of a broken heart, we’re usually speaking metaphorically — but what if [...]

Sleep and Heart Health

A healthy sleep cycle is important for whole body health, but how exactly do your sleeping patterns contribute to your [...]

A Fluttering Heart – Is it Love or Something More?

By Dr. David Cohen, Cardiologist We’ve all had that feeling – you see someone you like or a loved one, [...]

Can Cutting Sugar Improve Heart Health?

Cholesterol and cardiovascular health can be managed in part through regular exercise, but healthy eating plays a large role in [...]

5 Surprising Ways to Improve Your Heart Health

It’s human nature to look for little tips and tricks to improve our health. Consider it the search for the [...]

Meditation and Heart Health

Meditation can serve many purposes. It can help regulate breathing, reduce stress, and aid some in getting in touch with [...]

Best Heart Healthy Activities in San Diego

Best Heart Healthy Activities in San Diego In San Diego, the year round climate is perfect if you enjoy sunny [...]

Healthy Lunch Break Habits

Give Me a Break If you sit at a desk every day for work, chances are you are not as [...]

Healthy Heart Nutrition

By Cortney Berling, RDN Just a few small or simple changes to your lifestyle/diet can make a life changing impact [...]

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