Outrun Your Aches and Pains

One of the best defenses against the growing threat of osteoarthritis as you age is simply to outrun your aches [...]

Local Surgeons Have Your Back

Dr. Payam Moazzaz and Dr. Neville Alleyne What do you get when you pair a seasoned East [...]

Surgery Spotlight: The Capabilities of Mazor Robotic Surgery

Studies suggest that approximately 85% of all Americans suffer from some form of back pain. Not only does this discomfort [...]

Robotic Spine Surgery – Revolutionary Treatment for Back Pain

By Dr. Payam Moazzaz, Orthopedic Surgeon You probably know someone personally who has experienced back pain. That’s because back pain is [...]

Risks and Signs of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is not only the most common form of arthritis, it is the most common joint disease around affecting more [...]

The Success of the Modern Total Hip Replacement

The rise in popularity of total hip replacement procedures in the United States is largely due to modern advances in [...]

The Common Causes of Hip Pain

The process of identifying and treating health issues related to your hips often begins when you notice the pain that [...]

Joint Care 101: Protect Yourself from Joint Pain

As we age, our bodies can't always keep up with the lifestyle we've often taken for granted over the years, [...]

All About Hip Pain – Signs and Treatment Options

Millions of people are affected by hip pain, but with the latest advances in medical technology, you may no longer [...]

Difference Between Total & Partial Joint Replacement

Difference between total and partial joint replacement An orthopedic surgeon performs joint repair and replacement. When joint surfaces are so [...]

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