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Local Surgeons Have Your Back

Local Surgeons Have Your Back

payam moazzaz and neville alleyne review mazor results

Dr. Payam Moazzaz and Dr. Neville Alleyne

What do you get when you pair a seasoned East Coast orthopedic specialist and a young gun surgeon who grew up on the West Coast? You get over 700 robotic spine surgeries completed right here in North County. Together, Dr. Neville Alleyne and Dr. Payam Moazzaz find it their passion to give back to the backs of North County through a revolutionary robotic spine surgery option – the Mazor Robotics Renaissance.

In traditional open spine surgery, the spine is exposed via a large incision to allow for full view and access by the medical staff. With the Renaissance system, a patients’ CT-scan is paired with the advanced planning software to create a customized surgery diagnosis and procedure plan, guiding the surgeons to the precise locations where treatment is required. With the Renaissance, surgeons are still in complete control of the procedure and the system empowers them to provide pinpoint treatment for patients.

“Back pain can affect anyone at any age,” said Dr. Moazzaz. “As people age, the body becomes more susceptible to injury, and taking steps to avoid a back injury is important.”

Here are a few steps you can take to ensure you have a healthy back and spine.

  • Exercise – muscles are connected to the bones in our bodies and help with movement. If muscles are weak, that can affect posture leading to back pain and potential spine issues. Exercise your spine muscles through what are called ‘core’ exercises – Pilates and yoga – to keep your back in great shape.
  • Get up and move – many medical studies compare sitting to the unhealthy effects of smoking. Make sure you stay active throughout the day and stand up often if you work at a desk. Doing exercises such as bending and twisting at the waist can reduce the stiff feeling in your spine and get your blood pumping again.
  • Lift with the knees – it is natural to bend at the waist when lifting heavy objects, but that action puts incredible strain on your spine. Instead, keep your spine in a line from tailbone to the top of your head and bend at the knees when picking up objects. It’s one of those age-old sayings, but it is truth and better to get in the habit of doing it correctly.

About Dr. Alleyne and Dr. Moazzaz
Dr. Neville Alleyne has been practicing medicine for over 30 years. He graduated from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, completed his internship and residency through Yale University School of Medicine, and completed his fellowship in spine surgery at New England Baptist Hospital. Dr. Alleyne specializes in all areas of adult spinal surgeries, and in addition to his lectures and publications on his specialty, he is also responsible for a number of patents. These include a spinal cord protective device, a cardiac protective device, a tummy tutor and a radiofrequency coblation used in spinal surgery.

Dr. Payam Moazzaz has been practicing medicine for over 10 years and is a graduate of University of California, Davis School of Medicine. He completed his internship in general surgery and residency in orthopedic surgery at University of California, Los Angeles, then completed his fellowship at the San Diego Center for Spinal Disorders and Scripps Green Clinic. Dr. Moazzaz is the recipient of many awards including the UC Davis Ernest M. Gold Award for Excellence, the UC Davis Outstanding Student in Surgery, and the Paul Lipscomb Award for Excellence in Orthopedics.