Committee Openings

The Tri-City Healthcare District Board of Directors currently has a community membership opening on the following working Committee:

Audit/Compliance/Ethics Committee – one opening. This Committee meets monthly. Applicants shall have a basic understanding of finance and accounting and be able to read and understand financial statements, and shall have experience and familiarity with the specialized issues relating to health care financial issues. Applicants will be expected to attain a basic understanding of the design and operation of an Internal Audit Program and Ethics & Compliance Program, including: (1) review of Office of Inspector General/AHLA materials for Boards; (2) review of OIG compliance program guidance; and (3) attendance at relevant educational sessions presented by the Chief Compliance Officer, Internal Auditor, and/or the Health Care Compliance Association or similar organizations.

Governance & Legislative Committee – This Committee meets monthly or as needed to monitor developments in governance best practices, make recommendations to the District’s Board of Directors (“Board”) on governance matters referred to it, and monitor, report upon, and make recommendations to the Board regarding state and federal legislative developments related to District and hospital governance, legislative affairs and advocacy. Tri-City Healthcare District desires to ensure that its Committee community members are knowledgeable in the area of Governance & Legislative Affairs oversight.

The committee will respond to Board requests, monitor developments in, report upon and make recommendations to the Board regarding the following:

  1. Changes in best practices and legal requirements relating to healthcare district governance and healthcare reform initiatives;
  2. The District’s governing documents, including Bylaws, Policies, Committee charters, and other governance or policy matters as requested by the Board;
  3. Proposed amendments to the Medical Staff Rules and Regulations and Privilege Cards and Medical Staff Bylaws.

Legislative Affairs Oversight may include but not be limited to the following:

  1. Significant changes to state and federal laws, rules and regulations and accreditation standards applicable to the District, with special attention to the legislative and policy agendas of associations of which the District is a member (e.g., Association of California Healthcare Districts and California Hospital Association);
  2. Actions to be taken to address or implement legislative or regulatory changes proposed, pending or enacted, including advocacy efforts.

How to Apply

If members of the public have an interest in serving as a community member on an above listed Committee, please send a resume or biography delineating your background and/or experience relevant to this Committee, along with a cover letter stating your intent to serve on the Committee to:

Teri Donnellan, Executive Assistant
Tri-City Medical Center
4002 Vista Way
Oceanside, CA 92056

Your information will be forwarded to the Chairperson of the Committee and Board Chairperson for review and consideration and interviews with members of the Committee will be scheduled. The Committee’s recommendation will then be forwarded to the full Board of Directors for final approval/appointment. All appointments are voluntary and do not include compensation. Community members shall serve a term of two years, with an option to renew the appointment for one additional two year term. At the conclusion of the term, the community member shall not be eligible to serve on the same Board Committee for at least two years. It is preferable that a community member shall be a member of no more than one Board Committee at a time.

The Board of Directors of Tri-City Healthcare District desires to ensure that its Committee community members are knowledgeable as to the issues that face the District. Therefore, only applications submitted by persons residing within the boundaries of the Tri-City Healthcare District will be considered.