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Interventional Radiology

Heart & Vascular Care

Interventional Radiology2022-02-19T03:39:07-08:00
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Interventional Radiology

A medical specialty that uses advanced technology and detailed imaging for precision guidance, interventional radiology allows highly trained professionals to perform minimally invasive procedures through tiny incisions. Choose the Cardiovascular Health Institute at Tri-City Medical Center for expert interventional radiology services.

Conditions We Treat

Take advantage of Tri-City Medical’s Cardiovascular Health Institute for interventional radiology procedures that treat a wide range of heart and vascular conditions, including:

  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • Carotid artery blockages
  • Cerebral vessel aneurysm
  • Peripheral vascular conditions
  • Stroke

How You Benefit

Because interventional radiology procedures involve fewer and much smaller incisions than typically required with open surgery, you benefit from less pain and scarring, greater safety, faster recovery and a quicker return to your daily activities.

Specialized Care, Dedicated Facilities

At Tri-City Medical, you receive top-quality interventional procedures from certified physicians with extensive clinical and research experience and the support of specialized teams of physician assistants, nurses, technologists and staff.

You’re assured of exceptional care because our innovative facilities are designed and used only for interventional procedures. And you benefit from our experience—we perform more than 10,000 minimally invasive procedures each year, including more than 500 abdominal aortic aneurysm repairs with a higher success and safety rate than any other program in Southern California.

In addition, our strong research activities mean we’re often the only facility in Southern California to bring you the latest techniques and technologies that improve safety and deliver better outcomes.