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Cardiothoracic Surgery

Heart & Vascular Care

Cardiothoracic Surgery2022-02-19T03:38:54-08:00
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Cardiothoracic Surgery

Cardiothoracic surgeons treat diseases and conditions of the heart, vessels, lungs and other organs inside the chest cavity. At Tri-City Medical Center in San Diego’s North County, the cardiovascular surgery program began in 1986 and continues to deliver outstanding results.

Your Best Choice for Heart, Vessel & Lung Surgery

Rely on Tri-City Medical Center’s cardiovascular surgery specialists for the latest techniques to treat a variety of conditions and needs related to the heart, vessels, lungs and more. You’ll find services for:

  • Cardiac revascularization – Returning blood flow to the heart and related vessels
  • Heart valve diseases that require valve repair and replacement
  • Aortic diseases
    • Aortic aneurysm – Bulging, weakened area in a blood vessel wall
    • Aortic valve stenosis – Narrowing of the aortic valve opening
    • Aortic insufficiency – Leaking valve that causes reverse blood flow

Expert, Team-Based Care

When you choose Tri-City Medical’s cardiothoracic surgery program, you gain access to our expert heart, vascular and interventional radiology teams. These specialists collaborate for your benefit to offer minimally invasive and robotic-assisted procedures for heart and vascular conditions when appropriate. Your full spectrum of Tri-City heart surgery services also includes off-pump (beating heart) and on-pump (heart-lung bypass) options.

For more than 20 years, Tri-City Medical’s cardiothoracic surgery program has participated in the national database of The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS). That means we’ve achieved some of the best results in the country, including survival rates at almost 100 percent and an infection rate of zero. As part of the STS national database, we also measure our surgical outcomes against other hospitals in the United States to ensure we continue to deliver highest level and quality of care.

How You Benefit

When you need heart or vascular surgery, you want to know you’re working with the leading providers at the top facilities. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Tri-City Medical Center’s Cardiovascular Health Institute.

You benefit from our nearly 30 years of experience in cardiovascular surgery that includes advanced surgical and treatment techniques under the guidance of leading surgeons and clinical staff. Combined with our thorough and well-established procedures to care for you before, during and after your surgical procedure, you can rest assured your heart, lungs and blood vessels are in the best hands in Southern California.