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Shoulder Replacement Surgery

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Shoulder Replacement Surgery2020-03-10T20:44:35-07:00
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Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement surgery helps people of all ages live pain-free, active lives. Shoulder replacement (arthroplasty) is a procedure that may be recommended if joint disease (arthritis) makes your shoulder stiff and painful, or if the upper arm bone is badly damaged from an accident. It is a safe and effective procedure to relieve pain and help you resume everyday activities.

There are different types of shoulder replacements. Your surgeon will evaluate your situation and discuss surgical options with you. The total shoulder replacement involves replacing the arthritic joint surface with a metal ball attached to a stem and a polyethylene (hard plastic material) socket. The reverse total shoulder replacement is used for patients without a functioning rotator cuff, pseudoparalysis (inability to lift hand to head), and for those who have had a previous shoulder replacement that has failed. For a reverse total shoulder replacement your surgeon replaces the socket with the ball, and the ball with a new socket.