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Gastric Band

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Gastric Band

Band-Bariatrics-Image-2014During the gastric banding procedure, an inflatable adjustable silicone band is placed around the top of the stomach creating a small pouch. This reduces the size of your stomach without the need to cut the stomach or other portions of the gastric system. Only a small amount of food can be eaten in one sitting as food first enters the small pouch, which fills up quickly. The food slowly flows from the pouch into the larger stomach, then into the intestine.

  • The pouch, a temporary smaller stomach, holds your food and causes you to feel full quicker.
  • The stomach portion below the band still secretes digestive juices that aid in digestion.
  • The tube has an inflatable balloon lining which is controlled by a port that lies just under the skin – this lining can be controlled by your doctor to increase or decrease the size of the hole between the temporary pouch and remaining stomach.

The benefit to this procedure is there is no manipulation of the intestines. Once you achieve your weight loss goals, your doctor may choose to loosen or even remove the gastric band from around your stomach.

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