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Safety & Etiquette

Carlsbad Marathon & Half Marathon

Safety & Etiquette2019-10-09T11:37:01-07:00
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Safety & Etiquette

Safety during training is a top priority. We want you to enjoy your training and be safe while you’re out there walking or running!

Important Safety Reminders

  • Don’t walk or run in secluded areas or alone at night! Always try to train with a partner.
  • Don’t use headphones. If you do, wear only one earpiece and keep the volume down.
  • Be alert to traffic – don’t assume that drivers and cyclists see you.
  • Carry identification and any necessary medical information when you walk or run.
  • Wear reflective clothing when working out in the dark.
  • Carry a cell phone or change for a pay phone.
  • Carry water and energy gel on walks and runs.
  • Walk or run against traffic whenever possible.
  • Obey all traffic laws; don’t jaywalk or cross on a red light.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings and others around you.
  • Let people know your route so family and friends will know where you are.
  • If you drive somewhere to walk or run don’t leave valuables in your car.

Running Etiquettes

  • Always stay to the right on a path and pass to the left
  • Warn people before you pass them — avoid startling them.
  • Run or walk no more than two people abreast.
  • Be polite and friendly to other walkers, runners, cyclists, etc.