Gold Seal and Re-Accreditation Earned by TCMC

Gold Seal and Re-Accreditation Earned by TCMC

joint commission awardThe Joint Commission, the national organization that establishes standards for healthcare quality and safety, has again awarded Tri-City Medical Center its Gold Seal of Approval and accreditation. The accreditation is for a three-year period, the maximum period awarded by the Joint Commission. The accreditation is the result of a comprehensive, four-day on-site evaluation that occurred last October. Joint Commission surveys are unannounced, so hospitals must always be in a state of readiness.

“We are ecstatic to once again receive the Joint Commission’s accreditation and their Gold Seal of Approval confirming to our community and our patients that Tri-City delivers safe and high-quality care every day,” said Larry Anderson, CEO, Tri-City Medical Center.

The Joint Commission’s standards are designed to address the organization’s performance in key functional areas, such as patient rights, medication management and infection control. The Joint Commission survey focuses on all hospital programs including Home Care, Hospice, Behavioral Health and the Wellness Center.

“I’m very proud of the physicians and staff for their performance during this unannounced survey,” said Sharon Schultz, Chief Nursing Executive at Tri-City Medical Center. “This accreditation demonstrates our hospital-wide commitment to provide quality care on an ongoing basis.”

“Above all, the national standards are intended to stimulate continuous, systematic and organization-wide improvement in an organization’s performance and the outcomes of care,” said Mark Pelletier, R.N., M.S., executive director, Hospital Programs, Accreditation and Certification Services, The Joint Commission. “The community should be proud that Tri-City Medical Center is focusing on the most challenging goal — to continuously raise quality and safety to higher levels.”