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Walmart Grants $50,000 for Child Health Efforts

Walmart Grants $50,000 for Child Health Efforts

Tri-City Hospital Foundation and North County Health Services are Beneficiaries
SAN DIEGO – The Walmart Foundation’s California State Giving Council today announced two $25,000 grants to North County health nonprofits, North County Health Services and Tri-City Hospital Foundation. The grants will support community awareness and resource accessibility programs in the areas of pediatric physical fitness and youth prescription drug abuse.

The North County Health Services Pediatric Physical Activity Program links pediatric patients to existing community resources, such as neighborhood parks, recreational centers and local gyms to encourage physical fitness. In addition, the patients’ parents will be able to attend educational workshops and medical professionals will be able to help patients move beyond obesity-related illnesses such as diabetes and asthma.

Irma Cota, CEO of North County Health Services said, “Thanks to the Walmart Foundation’s support we can expand our efforts in reducing childhood obesity. We will be able to link 500 of our pediatric patients to free and discounted community resources such as gyms, parks and activity classes so they and their parents can exercise and lose weight.”

Dr. Edward Curley, Pediatrician at NCHS Mission Mesa Pediatrics in Oceanside said, “We couldn’t be more thrilled Walmart Foundation is helping us address the problem of obesity by creating opportunities to change lives.”

Walmart Foundation’s California State Giving Council also awarded a grant to the Tri-City Hospital Foundation to support its Prevention of Teen Abuse of Prescription Medications community awareness program. With the $25,000 grant, hospital pharmacists will seek to educate 1,200 parents of teens through a series of forums about the prevalence of prescription medication abuse.

“Teenagers everywhere can easily obtain and abuse prescription medications and parents are not informed of all the potential hazards within their own home,” said Craig Lindholm, Foundation Chair of the Tri-City Hospital Foundation. “The Walmart Foundation’s support will not just help parents keep their children safe, it will support a community’s vision to reduce substance abuse.”

“The Walmart Foundation’s California State Giving Council supports community organizations focused on helping people live better lives, and we are proud to support the unique health programs offered by the North County Health Services and Tri-City Hospital Foundation,” said Kimberly Sentovich, Senior Vice President of the Pacific Division of Walmart. “Both of these programs are committed to providing essential services that will help young people and their parents improve their quality of life.”

The Walmart Foundation’s California State Giving Program is accepting grant applications from non-profit organizations across the state. Interested organizations may apply online at