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Foundation Funds New Technology

Foundation Funds New Technology

New Heart Assessment, Cancer Screening Tools Purchased

Continuing its commitment to improving health and service to communities in Oceanside, Carlsbad and Vista, the Tri-City Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees has approved and is funding the purchase of new cancer screening and cardiovascular assessment equipment.

“We recognize that giving the best medical care requires the latest technologies,” said Craig Lindholm, Foundation Board Chair. “That is why we have chosen to invest funding into these advanced screening tools to better serve the community for years to come.”

“Like most community hospitals, Tri-City Medical Center is dependent upon our generous donors to help fund key innovations and capital improvements,” said Tobi Ferguson, President and CEO of Tri-City Hospital Foundation.

Funding for the new equipment was raised by the Foundation through several fundraising events that were held to benefit the Tri-City Medical Center. The Foundation’s 30th annual Baile event, held in November 2010, raised more than $360,000, with proceeds benefiting the Medical Center’s Cancer Institute, and the 2010 Mercury Insurance Open Presented by Tri-City Medical Center, held in summer 2010, raised nearly $57,000 for the hospital. Also held last year was the TaylorMade Golf “Fore” Your Heart Tournament which raised over $136,000, with $60,000 benefiting Tri-City Medical Center’s Cardiovascular Health Institute.

Among the new equipment purchases is the Stereotactic Biopsy System, which will allow radiologists conducting breast biopsy procedures to pinpoint abnormal growth sites that are often too small for manual detection. With a fully digital detector, it is ideally suited for visualizing the smallest abnormalities as well as diagnosing masses and suspicious lesions. The table design of the system also gives patients more comfortable positioning, allows for physician-patient eye contact and keeps the procedure out of the patient’s view, making the process more relaxing while increasing workflow efficiency for the physician. The new Stereotactic Biopsy System will cost $160,000 for equipment and up to $50,000 for construction.

Also approved for purchase by the Board is a new Treadmill and Holter System. The Treadmill allows stress tests to be performed to evaluate heart responses to an increased demand for oxygen. It is used to assist physicians in diagnosing the cause of chest pain, determining how well a heart functions after a heart attack, assessing the effectiveness of prescribed medications, identifying irregularities in the heart rhythm and developing rehabilitation programs for patients who have suffered a heart attack or have existing heart disease. The Holter Monitor is used in identifying heart rhythm disturbances, and is often used to match symptoms with a documented abnormal heart rhythm as well as evaluating the performance of artificial pacemakers. The total cost of the Treadmill and Holter System will be $77,392.

Tri-City Medical Center is a full-service hospital with physicians practicing in 60 specialties. The medical center is administered by the Tri-City Healthcare District, which includes most of Carlsbad, Oceanside and Vista.

Tri-City Hospital Foundation is a link between the community and the hospital. Since its creation, the Foundation has raised over $39 million. Many of the hospital’s most mission-critical facilities have been supported in whole or part by Foundation initiatives.