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Navy Studying Tri-City’s Tracking System

Navy Studying Tri-City’s Tracking System

When folks at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego started to explore how they could improve their system for tracking medical supplies, they heard that Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside was one of only a few hospitals using Pyxis.

Pyxis is a system that provides a secure and economical way to dispense and track supplies using a computer that automatically registers every time someone accesses a supply cabinet, records what is taken from that cabinet and restocks the item within 24 hours.

On Thursday, Feb. 2, nine service personnel and civilian workers from the Naval Medical Center traveled to Tri-City, talked to the employees charged with overseeing the Pyxis system, toured several departments to see how the system is used and peppered Tom Moore, Director of Supply Chain Management, and his staff with questions about the system’s efficiency and its ability to accurately track medication.

Moore explained how Pyxis reduces errors, keeps certain medications locked up and saves space. “You know everything that happens,” he told the visitors.

Tri-City currently has more than 70 Pyxis stations throughout the hospital.

Navy personnel plan on returning to learn more about the system, particularly its use in the operating room.

Lt. Cmdr. Omar Hiponia said it was “very helpful to see it (Pyxis) in operation. I think this will help us out.” He noted that the Naval hospital has a huge inventory to track.

The system wasn’t the only thing that left a lasting impression on the visitors. They were struck by the friendly nature of Tri-City’s employees. Wherever the group went – in the elevator, to the ER, down the hall – “everybody said hi and everybody smiled,” marveled Julie Bertrand, a contracting specialist for the Navy.