Tri-City Breastfeeding Program Receives Global Recognition

Tri-City Breastfeeding Program Receives Global Recognition

International Board of Lactation Consultants Examiners® and International Lactation Consultant Association™ recognizes medical center.

OCEANSIDE – Tri-City Medical Center has received an IBCLC Care Award from the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners and the International Lactation Consultant Association. This award recognized the medical center’s successful breastfeeding program, the support it provides to mothers and babies, and the certified lactation consultants that deliver it.

Tri-City Medical Center is one of only two medical centers in San Diego County and only 20 facilities in California to receive this award. To be eligible for the IBCLC Care Award, hospitals must have IBCLC certified staff, offer a professional lactation support program 5-7 days a week, complete a breastfeeding promotion and support project, and provide breastfeeding training to staff.

“Tri-City Medical Center is committed to providing professional lactation support as an integral part of our maternal and child health services,” said Heather Sager, manager of Tri-City Medical Center’s Lactation/Childbirth Education Department. “We have certified lactation consultants on-site everyday for our patients and community members.”

Tri-City Medical Center has offered breastfeeding support services for 20 years and expanded its services after it developed the Lactation Support Program 12 years ago. Through this program, Tri-City Medical Center offers free, hands-on lactation consultations for breastfeeding moms and a breastfeeding support group. For a year and a half, Tri-City Medical Center has also offered to staff Birth and Beyond classes. During the two-day, 16-hours course, employees learn how to promote and support breastfeeding and early mother-infant attachment in the hospital setting. Approximately 100 employees have completed the course and earned continuing education hours.