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How to Choose a Doctor & Get to Know Your Doctor

How to Choose a Doctor & Get to Know Your Doctor

find-a-doctor-san-diegoWhether you recently moved from out of town or are looking for a new doctor to suit your needs, it is vital you feel comfortable with your doctor and create a rapport to ensure your health needs are met. The doctors we partner with in North San Diego County are some of the best in the nation, and they are here for you. We’ve compiled a short list of information to help you choose a doctor and ways to get to know your new doctor.

Find a Doctor

It is important to find a doctor that is right for you and there are multiple ways of searching for one. You can do a generic web search for a doctor, you can go through your insurance provider and find a doctor, ask for referrals from friends and family, or you can even go through our website and search for a doctor or call our physician referral line at 855-222-8262.

Whether you are looking for a primary care physician or a specialist, getting in touch with that physician’s office is the best place to start. Depending on the physician, they may offer a “meet and greet” session so you can ask general questions and get to know the physician before you make a final decision. Some questions could include their educational background, what type of treatment options they feel would work best in your situation, or even their research into the latest studies and health information.

Get to Know Your Doctor

Once you have found a doctor you feel best fits your personality and needs, then getting to know your doctor and talking with your doctor is a great next step. Be sure to let your doctor know about any past or current health concerns you may be experiencing because full transparency with your doctor will only help you. Other things you can discuss with your doctor during an exam include:

  • Any symptoms you may be experiencing
  • Your health history including any personal records you have kept over the years
  • Any medications you have taken in the past or are currently taking – bring in your current regimen if necessary

Speaking with your doctor will help you have a better understanding of their medical philosophy and by you providing this information to your doctor, they will have a better understanding of you.

Taking the time to search for and meet with a potential doctor is your best option for a healthy life. If both you and your doctor are on the same page, it can lead to a very successful relationship. It is vital you have an open dialogue with your doctor and that they are transparent with their diagnosis and treatments.