Ebola Virus Updates

Ebola Virus Updates

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What is Tri-City Medical Center doing to prepare?

  • We are updating our PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) attire and processes based upon the latest recommendations. PPE training for all staff has been implemented and ongoing.
  • Ebola drills are frequently being conducted in the event of a patient arriving with the travel history and signs and symptoms of EBOLA.
  • A Task Force has been created with representatives from all key areas of the hospital. We are meeting daily to assess and evaluate all processes and information disseminated to us through Governmental Agencies to ensure the highest level of preparedness, safety and care for our patients.
  • Signage for restriction of visitors are posted in key areas throughout the facility. We will increase the numbers of signs over the next several days to ensure improved communication on prevention and precautions. Messages may change as more information comes to us.

*Information below provided by the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency.