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3 Reasons to Celebrate Men’s Health Month

3 Reasons to Celebrate Men’s Health Month

man stands in his kitchen holding a glass of orange juiceJune is Men’s Health Month, which means it’s time to stress the importance of positive male health attitudes and the preventive health practices that can save lives.

This invaluable initiative is celebrated around the globe and unifies the efforts of  healthcare providers, community outreach workers, and everyday men to focus on the early detection and treatment of diseases that are prevalent among men. That’s why you can expect a whole host of screenings opportunities, health fairs, and outreach activities this month.

But with doctor’s visits at the bottom of most busy men’s to do lists, it can take some motivation for men to celebrate and take care of their own health. Here are just 3 reasons to learn more about Men’s Health Month and start making a difference to your life.  

1. Increase Your Life Expectancy

Men’s life expectancy remains shorter than the life expectancy for women, primarily because of psychological and social reasons, rather than physiological ones.

Men lose years off their life spans due to preventable diseases that can be slowed or even reversed by medical intervention and lifestyle changes. Society continues to push a variety of expectations onto men, mainly that they must provide for their families and appear strong. As a result, many men are discouraged from getting the regular testing, second opinions, and proactive approaches they need to look after their health.

Counteract these cultural pressures by becoming intentional and engaged in your health or the health of a male family member. A simple first step is to look carefully into your family history for any hereditary diseases and find out when the appropriate time to begin screening for those diseases would be.

2. Optimize Your Health

Proactive healthcare allows you to keep your body in the best possible shape so that you can avoid common health concerns later on in life. Healthy habits may seem like a chore at first, but you’ll notice that within no time at all, you have a new lease on life and a much more enjoyable day-to-day experience.

Why not treat the month of June as a time to kickstart a new healthy regime. This could take the form of a regular workout, quitting smoking, or eating a more balanced diet. By July you’re sure to feel the difference and keep up the changes for the rest of the year.

If you have a son, this is a great time to lead by example and demonstrate the importance and accessibility of a healthy lifestyle. By taking part in physical activities together and enjoying nutritious family meals, your child will also be inspired to take charge of their health.

3. Overcome Sexual Stigmas

With 1 in 4 men experiencing some form of sexual health concern by age 65, this area is a significant marker of a man’s overall health.

As men age, they enter andropause. During this time, testosterone levels lower and the prostate begins to enlarge, causing problems such as erectile dysfunction, a lack of sex drive, and difficulty urinating. Not only that, but prostate cancer can develop in this gland, which is the second leading site for cancer in men. That means it’s essential to take care of your prostate health as you get older.

But because these problems are so personal, men can be very reluctant to talk about them with anyone – including doctors – which prevents them from getting better. Make Men’s Health Month an opportunity to address these topics more openly, and if you’re over 50, start scheduling routine PSA testing.

Even if the steps you choose to take this Men’s Health Month are small, make sure to set aside some time and energy to look after yourself and your male family members. Contact us today for more information on healthy living, so you can start making a change today.