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Tri-City Medical Center Campus Development

Tri-City Medical Center Campus Development

small-birdseye-1Tri-City Medical Center is seen as a leader in healthcare serving North County, and as the community grows, so must we to accommodate the change.

State regulations require hospitals to comply with specifications to withstand earthquakes that the region is prone to experience. In order to meet the regulations and increase our ability to provide the healthcare services of our community, we are working to redevelop the hospital campus.

Our Decision to Renew Tri-City Medical Center

When our doors first opened in 1961, the surrounding community was a fraction the size it is now. Over time, we grew as the community grew,adding to our campus to serve the needs of our patients. Our campus currently sits on 32 acres with over 650,000 square feet of building space.

In order to meet state requirements for earthquake compliance, we must now begin the process of retrofitting portions of our campus. We feel this is the time to truly incorporate the required changes along with a configuration of modern technology, design, and patient-focused care. We are working with design and build firms to properly research and configure a space that best meets the needs of our community well into the future.

Project Overview & Timeline

Starting with the essentials, we will first complete walkways and a parking garage to allow for patient accessibility. Once we receive state approval for our design plans, we will then begin construction on the main tower and building.

Our Vision for the Future

Our vision for the future is taking shape. The illustrations shown below represent what we hope the Tri-City Medical Center campus will look like once construction is completed.