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3 Ways to Prepare for Childbirth

3 Ways to Prepare for Childbirth

As you experience the new life growing inside you and move closer to your due date, you probably have hundreds of questions about what lies ahead.

With countless resources on childbirth, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with different answers and pieces of advice for the big day. At Tri-City Medical Center, we understand that you want to be as prepared as possible for the birth of what might be your first child, which is why we’re offering these 3 simple and easy-to-remember tips for a smoother delivery.

1.  Prepare Your Mind

Begin by learning about the labor and delivery process. The more you understand childbirth, the more likely you are to react calmly when your first contractions begin. That’s important, as when we’re frightened or panicked, our bodies release stress hormones, which have the potential to actually make labor significantly more uncomfortable. You want to go into childbirth knowing what to expect.

There are many ways to learn about the process of childbirth. Though you may begin your research by reading an article online, the best way to immerse yourself in the learning is through a Childbirth Preparation Class, which includes an in-person follow-up with a childbirth educator.

Even with a good idea of what’s happening, entering labor can still feel scary, so in addition to learning about the birth itself, think through other practical concerns ahead of time. Plan your route to the hospital both during rush hour and at other times of the day, and do a walk-through of the medical center itself. Tri-City Medical Center offers a Maternity Orientation several times a month for this very purpose.

2. Prepare Your Body

In the months leading up to childbirth, your body will change in innumerable ways. Support it and prepare it for the birth of your baby by investing time and energy into your health and wellness.

Early pregnancy is a great time to explore prenatal yoga, where you will learn how to breathe through challenging poses, increase your flexibility, and develop mindfulness, as well as the ability to listen to your body. These skills will come in very handy during labor, as they will allow you to stay connected to the sensations in a less judgemental and reactive way. As the baby grows, you will experience new stresses on your body and joints, so activities like swimming and walking can help as you get further along in your pregnancy. Any muscle, strength, and stamina you build now will help as you head into the delivery room.

Make sure all of your physical needs will be met as you head into labor. Pre-register at the center ahead of time, pack the snacks you like and all the comfy clothes you’ll want to change into after your little one is born.

3. Prepare Your Space

Let yourself indulge in the nesting impulse that overcomes many parents-to-be.

Decorate the nursery, buy and practice installing the carseat, restock your fridge and pantry, and get that laundry cleared out. Once your baby is born, all of your attention will be on learning how to care for your child. Make sure to give your home all the TLC it needs before the birth, so that it’s ready for your new family to all come together.

Remember that you will be at the hospital for at least a day or two, so you may need some extra support to keep your house running, your pets fed, and your yard in check. Ask family, friends, or neighbors to keep an eye on things at home, so you can focus on delivering your baby.

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