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Patient Testimonial – Lonie Myers

Patient Testimonial – Lonie Myers

Lonie Myers is not your typical 80-year-old Vista resident. Three years following her husband’s death after 53 years of marriage, Lonie now spends her time collecting (and releasing) Monarch butterflies. She loves Vista, but has not always called it home. Lonie spent her early years living in Alaska with her husband as a do-it-yourselfer, where all of her medical care was done homeopathically. “The hospitals were five hours away, so you have to figure out how to listen to your body,” Lonie said.

When Lonie started having bad pain in her abdomen 15 years ago and having a family history of recurring kidney stones, she knew she had to listen to her body and move somewhere to receive medical care.

Though she visited many doctors, none of them could figure out what the real problem was.

“Every doctor thought it was either kidney stones or a urinary tract issue,” says Lonie. “Nobody could figure out what was actually wrong.”

She was on medications, had countless CT scans and was still experiencing pain. Doctors couldn’t figure out why her treatment wasn’t working.

Everything changed when she met Dr. Jason Phillips.

Though she had medical issues for a while, in late 2014 Lonie was experiencing so much pain that she couldn’t wait to see her normal doctor and went to the Tri-City emergency room. “The nurse got on the phone and made sure that I had an appointment the next day with Dr. Phillips – I’m so thankful to have fallen into his hands.”

Countless other doctors thought Lonie could only have one of two conditions – Dr. Phillips was the first to figure out that she actually had recurring kidney stones in her bladder and in her ureter.

“It took about 10 to 15 years to diagnose, because no other doctor could figure it out. He’s so easy to talk to, and he makes you feel so comfortable. It’s not easy to talk about your private parts when you’re an 80 year old woman!”

Lonie is feeling better than ever, and believes she wouldn’t be here without Dr. Phillips’ help. “I’m alive today because of him. I’m alive because I am medically maintained by the doctors at Tri-City.” Lonie doesn’t want to see anyone else, and doesn’t mind waiting as long as she gets to be seen by Dr. Phillips.

Dr. Phillips has taken Lonie through two kidney basket surgeries and will soon lead her through a new experimental treatment.

“He keeps up with all the new technology and procedures. When I first went in for my surgery, I was very unsure. But he took the time to explain it and help me understand. The next time I went in with pain, I asked him for the kidney basket by name!”

Lonie doesn’t want to see any other urologists. “He’s so genuine, I recommend him to everyone I talk to. I’m sticking with Tri-City and I’m sticking with Dr. Phillips!”

With her kidney stones back again, Lonie is looking forward to a new experimental procedure that may eliminate the need for her to be on prescription drugs.

“I trust him and I know he’s qualified. He’s an outstanding young man and gives that extra bit of care that you don’t see from other doctors. He doesn’t care how old you are – if you have a problem, he’s going to take care of it.”