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Patient Testimonial – Donald Connelly

Patient Testimonial – Donald Connelly

Having worked in the hospital industry for 40 years, Donald Connelly knows his physicians. At 51, the Carlsbad resident has worked extensively with doctors, nurses and hospital board members as he is the owner and operator of multiple hospitals throughout California and the greater US.

Donald had been in great health, until he saw blood in his urine.

“I started at North Coast Urology where they believed it to just be kidney stones, but when my condition worsened they needed a CT scan to see what was happening. I went to Tri-City Medical Center to get it, and that’s when I found out I had cancer.”

Donald’s emotions were understandably all over the place.

“You hear the word cancer, and you can’t control it.”

It was soon after his diagnosis that he met with Dr. Jason Phillips.

“The doctor in the emergency room was a godsend, because I don’t know if I would have met Dr. Phillips without him. That doctor got on the phone right away and made sure that I had an appointment with Dr. Phillips the very next day.”

After meeting with Dr. Phillips, Donald felt much more comfortable. “He had confidence, but he also had humility. He so clearly communicated his limitations, his experience and his ability. He is not only a qualified doctor, but he is also a decent human being. He was very quick to tell me my options and what could have been done for me.”

After going to doctors at USC and UC San Diego Health to see who was most qualified for the surgery, Donald decided to go with Dr. Phillips.

“The operation at Tri-City was a great experience. Everyone involved was excellent, and I don’t hesitate for a second to recommend Dr. Phillips to anyone who has health concerns.”

Now, even though the cancer is gone, Dr. Phillips still makes sure Donald is doing well.

“I was having some pains and went to another hospital in Encinitas,” said Donald. “I don’t know how, but Dr. Phillips found out that I was there. I was in the room and all of the sudden I look up, and there he is. He came by to check in on me and make sure I was alright. I have never seen a doctor do anything like that before.”

At a time in his life where emotional stability is not always present, Dr. Phillips helped Donald feel at ease. “He is one of the best physicians and finest human beings that I have ever met. He represents so well, and is a bright young professional. If I were putting together a team for a hospital, he would be leading it.”